Ruko Error Code Resolving – 001 And 009

Ruko error code 001

Activation error code 001 signifies an activation issue with your streaming player. Many a times, the device will not get activated even after entering the activation code. Here’s the fix (Ruko error code resolving) for this issue.

Error code 001 fix

·         To begin with, note down the link code carefully

·         Also, use the code within a certain period of time as they can expire

·         Make use of the HELP menu on your Ruko to generate a new link code

·         The Ruko activation issue error code 001 can be fixed by checking the network connection

·         For instance, check the Ethernet or LAN cable when it is a wired connection

·         Otherwise, verify the router settings and the corresponding streaming device settings when it is the wireless connection

·         Navigate to the Settings menu –> open Network –> and then, Check connection

·         Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) if it is an issue on their side

Server error code 001

·         Initially, obtain the IP address of the website using the DNS server

·         Next, communicate using  HTTP data stream after opening an IP socket

·         Check if you are able to receive data back through the socket

·         Then, make use of this IP address to reconnect to the server

Streaming stick error code 001

·         This signifies an activation issue with regard to your streaming stick

·         Therefore, ensure that you select the correct input port before beginning the setup process

·         Then, make sure you enter the link code accurately

·         Also, check your internet connection before reentering the code for activation

Ruko error code 009

The error 009 occurs when you are unable to connect to your internet. For example, the Ruko will be able to connect to your router but the router will be unable to connect to the internet.

Error code 009 fix

·         In this case, you have to contact your ISP to resolve the issue

·         Otherwise, restart the Ruko device and re-establish a connection with your router

·         Navigate to the Settings menu –> then, System option –> and finally, the System restart option

·         However, the second method is applicable only if you find that you are able to connect other devices to the same network

Streaming stick error code 009

Are you unable to connect the streaming stick to the internet? Then, your Ruko will display this stick code 009 at the bottom of your display screen. Therefore, you must follow the above-given measures for Ruko error code resolving.

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