ROKU ACTIVATION -Roku Important summary of entering Roku link code.

Ruko ACTIVATION -Ruko Important summary of entering Ruko link code.

The first step is to connect Ruko player to the TV by using the composite cables or High-Speed HDMI Cable.

Now please make your remote working, insert batteries on Remote

Now, on your TV and Ruko

Now, you will have to connect the power connector to your Ruko device along with connecting the power adapter to the main power supply

You have to keep in mind that the right TV input is chosen on your TV. You have to select that input on which your Ruko device is connected to. If you have checked this, then you can turn on the TV and commence with the software part of the setup.

You are going to see Ruko logo on your TV screen, which is the proof that the Ruko device has been properly connected. If you don’t see Ruko logo on the screen, then you have to get in touch with Ruko Technical support. We are going to help you regarding this issue and deliver the most suitable solution.

Make the connection with the internet: It could be wired or wireless if you choose a wireless network that you want to connect your Ruko device to. Enter the password to the network and get connected. But, make sure that the network you are connecting your Ruko to should be the same on which your computer and/or smartphone is connected.

Select language: After your Ruko device is turned on, you will see Ruko logo followed by the screen where you will have to choose your preferred language. You are going to see all text and dialog within the Ruko app is going to be displayed in the selected language. You have to choose the right language by scrolling up and down the list. If some channel has content in only foreign languages, then that can’t be changed from the language option, as that is completely up to the channel provider to translate the channel.

Once your Ruko is connected to your Network, its start updating your software automatically. Waiting for Ruko device to download the latest software

After rebooting its gives you a code that’s called Ruko Activation Link Code, The first thing that Ruko will do after getting connected to the internet is to check if there is a software update available or not. If there is any update, then it will be downloaded automatically followed by rebooting the device.

Your Ruko is successfully setup, now it’s time to activating your Ruko Player

For activation, you have to a computer, laptop or Smartphone with an internet connection.

Using these, go to | The Official Site of Ruko in new browser

And enter Ruko Activation Code into here

Click the submit button

Create an account on Ruko, please sign up with your personal information like Your Name, Last Name, Email Address, Your Password and other. You will see all the instructions on the TV regarding activating your Ruko player including Ruko link code activation. You will have to go to | The Official Site of Ruko on your smartphone or computer, enter the code and follow the instructions that you see in order to activate the device.

After filling your all information, click on Submit button and you see your account is created

Choose payment method and make PIN

Choose your favorite channels:The process of activating Ruko player can only be done if the device is linked to a Ruko account. The importance of having a Ruko account can be found out from the fact it won’t be possible for you to keep a track of the Ruko devices you own and add free channels or purchase channels from Ruko channel store like Netflix, HULU, Facebook, YouTube, HBO and more.

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